• Grant Management

    Grant management is the core business of the Global Fund. This work supports implementing countries through the entire grant process from applying for grants to implementation, evaluation, monitoring, and risk mitigation.

    To achieve maximum impact, the Global Fund uses a performance-based funding system, which allows it to sustain and accelerate the gains in the fight against the three diseases. In 2014, the Global Fund will begin full implementation of a new funding model which is designed to focus investments on areas with high potential for impact and strong value for money; to provide funding in more proactive, more flexible, more predictable and more effective ways; and to become more engaged in supporting countries implementing Global Fund grants.

    The Global Fund’s Grant Management division works to support countries through every step of the grant process. This includes:

    • Assisting eligible countries to develop their national strategic plans for fighting the three diseases
    • Working with those countries to produce grant proposals, which will then be reviewed by a group of independent experts called the Technical Review Panel to ensure proposals are technically strong to achieve maximum impact
    • Assist countries as they implement their approved grants and help to mitigate any risk of misuse of funds