• Grant Renewals

    The information provided below concerns only the renewal of existing grants approved under the rounds-based funding system (Rounds 1 through 10)

    From 2002 to 2010, the Global Fund awarded funding to countries through the rounds-based funding channel. Under this system, grants were approved in principle for the five-year life of the program, but financing was made available only for the first two years (known as “Phase 1”).

    Although countries were required to submit information on the progress of grant implementation either quarterly or semi-annually, at the end of the initial two years, countries would undergo an in-depth review known as “Phase 2”. This process determined whether or not funding would be approved for the remainder of the grant period. The progress of grant implementation, results achieved against targets, opportunities for reprogramming of funds or of activities toward more strategic investments, and any relevant contextual factors were all reviewed before the Board made their final decisions on funding.