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    The Global Fund raises funds in multiyear cycles known as replenishments. The Fifth Replenishment covers the years 2017 to 2019. The Fourth Replenishment took place in 2013 to secure funding for the 2014-2016 period. An initial amount of US$12 billion was committed at the pledging conference held in Washington D.C. in December 2013, at the time the largest amount ever dedicated to the response to AIDS, TB and malaria.

    This fundraising structure began with the First Replenishment, held in 2005 to raise funds for 2006-2007. Prior to 2005, all funding came from ad hoc contributions. The replenishment cycle was developed to enable more stable and predictable financing for countries and for the Global Fund Secretariat.

    Fifth Replenishment

    Launched in 2016 for the period 2017-2019

    Fourth Replenishment

    Launched in 2013 for the period 2014-2016

    • Reports and Factsheets

    • Preparatory Meeting

    Third Replenishment

    Launched in 2010 for the period 2011-2013

    Second Replenishment

    Launched in 2007 for the period 2010-2012

    First Replenishment

    Launched in 2005 for the period 2006-2007

    • Mid-Term Review

    • Mid-Term

    • Pledging Conference

    • Preparatory Meeting