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    Thank you for your interest in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Global Fund regularly publishes new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) under the Solicitations section of this site. RFPs are used to established Preferred Suppliers for long term partnerships and to select Contractors for specific projects. Prospective bidders should visit this site regularly. Contracts resulting from these solicitations will contain the standard Global Fund Terms and Conditions (also posted on this site).

  • # Expires On Type of Solicitation Title / Downloads
    TGF-14-054 and TGF-14-055 2014-09-29 RFP

    Joint Research Project: improving governance and strategic coordination of HIV and TB programs in Kyrgyzstan

    TGF-14-053 2014-09-24 RFP

    Data Support Consultants

    TGF-14-046 2014-09-24 RFP

    Recruitment Services

    TGF-14-051 2014-09-05 RFP

    Application Support Consultant

    TGF-14-048 2014-09-03 RFP

    Audit externe des programmes soutenus par le Fonds Mondial dans le cadre des subventions CAF-708-G05-H, CAF-810-G08-M et CAF-911-G09-T

    TGF-14-050 2014-09-08 RFQ

    Pre-Employment Screening Services

    TGF-14-040 2014-09-12 RFP

    Antiretroviral Medicines (“ARVs”)

    TGF-14-048 2014-08-04 RFI

    Principal Recipient audit services in Central African Republic

    TGF-14-043 2014-08-29 RFP

    Local Fund Agent (LFA) Services for Guinea Bissau

    TGF-14-039 2014-08-05 RFP

    Sous-traitance de services généraux

    TGF-14-045 2014-08-07 RFP

    Local Fund Agent (LFA) Services for Ghana

    TGF-14-014 2014-05-30 RFI

    HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Technologies