Executive Director’s First Official Visit Held in France

30 January 2013

PARIS - In his first official visit as Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Mark Dybul met today with Pascal Canfin, France's Deputy Foreign Minister for Development, and other French officials.

Dr. Dybul signaled his commitment to the strong partnership with France, and explained aspects of the Global Fund's new funding model, which will begin this year and is geared toward making Global Fund grants more effective

"France had to be my first visit," said Dr. Dybul, who became Executive Director on 21 January. "France originated the idea of a global fund for AIDS, was intimately involved in the creation of the Global Fund and has been deeply involved in its evolution every step of the way, both intellectually and financially. France has been a tremendous leader." 

Minister Canfin reaffirmed France's strong support for the Global Fund

 "France pays special attention to the choices which will be made to ensure access to the prevention and the treatment of all concerned populations, especially populations which can be stigmatized or excluded," said Minister Canfin.

Dr. Dybul and Minister Canfin also discussed the mechanism of technical assistance to Francophone countries that was launched in 2012, as well as preparations for a funding conference to be held in late 2013.

In addition to the issues of the coming year, Dr. Dybul took time to express gratitude and deep respect for France's leadership in supporting programs that allow health workers and community workers to treat and prevent AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, saving and improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

"We look forward to our continued partnership with France - because France is the Global Fund," said Dr. Dybul.

He noted that Europe is the leading contributor to the Global Fund, and France is Europe's leading contributor, having given EUR 2.5 billion since 2002.

"France has innovated important global mechanisms to ensure sustainable financing for global health and development, most recently the financial transaction tax," Dr. Dybul said.

"France currently provides key technical support to countries to ensure maximum impact and value for money and your world-renowned research institutions have provided many of the scientific advances - including the discovery of HIV - that has paved the way to an historic moment that now allows us to say that we can defeat three major killer epidemics - AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria."

During his visit, Dr. Dybul also had a series of meetings with French civil society representatives. 


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