• Procurement and Supply Management

    New Quality Assurance Information - new content on Quality Requirements for Other Health Products

    Procurement and supply management activities are fundamental to program performance. In order to ensure effective and quality-assured health products, the Global Fund has developed a set of policies and principles on procurement and supply management that aim to:

    • Support the timely procurement of quality-assured health products in adequate quantities;
    • Attain cost efficiencies in procurement and supply management activities;
    • Ensure the reliability and security of distribution systems;
    • Encourage appropriate use of health products; and
    • Enable the monitoring of all procurement and supply management activities.

    The Global Fund provides guidance and tools to facilitate safe and cost-effective procurement of health products, in particular:

    • Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products
    • Quality Assurance Policies/Requirements: The Global Fund's Quality Assurance Policy for Pharmaceutical Products and Quality Assurance Policy for Diagnostics Products defines the requirements which must be met for finished pharmaceutical products (FPP) and diagnostic products purchased with Global Fund resources. For other health products, the Global Fund has specified requirements for selection and procurement, as listed in the Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products, June 2012, part VII.
    • Price and Quality Reporting (PQR) database offers transaction information on procurement and prices of selected health products.

    This section provides information, guides and template forms related to procurement and supply management of health products funded with the Global Fund resources. In addition, updates and relevant information could be also found in the Information for Suppliers page.

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