• Price and Quality Reporting

    The Price and Quality Reporting (PQR) Tool is a web-based system used by the Global Fund to collect transaction-level procurement information from Principal Recipients on key health products.  The system’s goals are to:

    • Communicate market information to Principal Recipients,

    • Improve transparency,

    • Enable the Global Fund to monitor adherence to its Quality Assurance Policy,

    • Help the Global Fund and its partners better understand and influence the market for pharmaceutical products.

    To view data and reports, it is not necessary to have an account in the PQR. However, if you are a Principal Recipient or Local Fund Agent, please click the link above to login to the PQR.

    The Global Fund makes reports available for the public via the links shown below. Reports are based upon data reported by Principal Recipients and are updated daily.  The complete dataset is available via the transaction summary report. Please check back occasionally as new reports may be posted. Please read all PQR reports together with the PQR Data Caveats, also available on this page.

    Report Description
    Price Reference Report
    Summary of main international reference prices and recent market data
    Transaction Summary
    View a subset of transactions or download all transactions for further analysis.